About Us

WORLD ACT INDIA- A nonprofit organization since 1998 working on empowering poor rural artisan communities especially tribal women artisan in the informal and rural sectors of low-income settings to play an active role as decision-makers in reducing their financial vulnerability through contextualized, innovative art and craft based livelihood solution. Help them strive to affect a change in the mindset of people living in deprived and underserved settings and facilitating environmental linked livelihood sustainability for future generation social security with Rights & Entitlements.


Handicraft is about processing materials by hand with hand tools. The results can be helpful things or decorative things. The…

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Our vision is to develop a strong, vibrant Handloom environment. We are here to promote industries & products relating to…

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India has been well known for textile since very ancient times. We are here to promote the planned and harmonious…

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